Garden pleasures II


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Abstraktes Werk auf Papier in eierschalenfarbenem Passepartout für eine Rahmung im Standardformat 30 x 30 cm vorbereitet.

Product Information

Abstract Artwork: 
"Garden Pleasures II"

Acrylics on acid free paper

30 x 30 cm (outer size) 
20 x 20 cm (painted area) 
please contact me for shipping to other destinations than Germany & Europe

Signed on the back

Abmessungen | Dimensions

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30 x 30 cm (outer size)  
20 x 20 cm (painted area) 
Recommended frame sizes: 30 x 30cm 

Produktdetails | Product Details

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Abstract artwork with acrylics on paper (acid-free) with gestural brush strokes of different colors and thicknesses.

Please click on the picture to see it in the correct proportions. The color reproduction of the image corresponds as closely as possible to the original. Color deviations cannot be completely excluded by the individual monitor settings of each computer.

Besonderheiten | Specifics

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Das Kunstwerk wird ohne Rahmen aber mit Passepartout verkauft.
Es kann mit Bilderschienen oder einem Bilderrahmen in Standardformaten präsentiert werden. 

The artwork is sold without frame and but attached to matte / passepartout.
It can be presented with picture rails or a picture frame in standard formats.